What is Honey

Honey is a sweet, yellow to amber colored, viscous fluid produced by bees. Other insects can also produce the substance, but that made by bees is what most people are familiar with, since it has been consumed for centuries as a sweetener. As an alternative to sugar, honey is a sweet, dense, flavorful food that can vary widely in taste and color, depending on what the bees are eating. Most grocers sell it, since it is a very popular food around the world.

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To harvest honey, humans set up apiaries, facilities specifically designed for housing bees. The beekeeper provides a solid structure for the bees to use as a hive, and an assortment of flowers may be planted in the region to flavor the honey and encourage the bees to stay. A colony of bees includes a single queen, an assortment of drones, and a large number of worker bees. The social structure of a hive is actually quite complex, and naturalists have devoted extensive study to the lives of bees and the ways in which they communicate.