The Buckfast bee


Buckfast bees are yellow to brown in color and resemble what many people immediately consider when picturing a honey bee.


Buckfast bees are a hybrid. They were developed in the 20th century by Brother Adam of Buckfast Abbey in southwest England. The stock was imported to the United States, by way of Canada, and is now readily available in the US.


Buckfast bees are resistant to Tracheal mites and do well in cool climates. They are very gentle and easy to work with and excellent honey producers. They have a low tendency to swarm and are economical in the use of winter stores.

Cold, wet winters are the norm for Buckfast bees, so they’re accustomed to building up the hive size quickly in the spring.

For more info.:  http://beesource.com/resources/usda/the-different-types-of-honey-bees/